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What you’ll find on Mycosaic

Our aim here is to give you up-to-date information to help you understand and learn many of the ways in which we can all benefit from mushrooms.

Following topics that interweave through and out of the world of fungi, as well as offering the best mushroom related products all in one place in our online store.

Offering lots of advice for the budding enthusiast and work with a growing network of individuals and businesses to get you on the right path.

We are also building a community working together on grow projects, radical mycology solutions, fungi identification, education and appreciation.


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Community Grow Projects

Community Grow Projects

Follow how we are building sustainable models to grow fungi ourselves for food and medicines for our body and mind. These models don’t just look after us but, we explain, have serious potential to save our planet.

Alongside community lead groups, we are planning eco-grow projects such as Oyster mushroom growing with waste-coffee grounds collected from local cafes and restaurants.

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Don’t miss out on growing mushrooms for yourself or your community. Get the support you need through our growing network.

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More than a resource

Although this site will grow to document all kinds of important fungi information – cover what to look out for, what you can pick, what you can you eat (and grow), and what you should be taking as a medicine – we’ll also be working within the community to grow a following, grow support and grow our own supply of the best that nature humbly offers.

We cover all aspects of what we’re learning today, as well as looking into our past to find answers to all things fungi related.